Can my office help you “Achieve Your #Goals?”

Right now it might seem impossible to have the life of your dreams. But with a little planning a solid education, a new home, and the financial security to start a family are closer than you think.

Financial planning is more than knowing how to invest – it’s knowing the right goals for every stage of your life. By partnering with a financial expert, we can set the right goals to help you achieve your dreams – not just add to your 401k.

Check out this short video that shows how we can work together to meet your #Goals:


Nine Reasons Not To Get Life Insurance (Not Really)

Nine Reasons Not to Get Life Insurance

If I Sell This Investment Do I Have To Pay Tax

We have a process and a form for this question, if you have a question about capital gains tax, give my office a call at 215-886-2122.

blured tax on investment

Important Lesson To Learn

In the financial world, if a prospect or frankly a client doesn’t want to be helped, you have to learn to move on! It’s their decision, their money, and their retirement. It’s important that we don’t push products, solutions, or our own opinions to get them to move.  But always get a waiver signed to insure that years down the road, everyone remembers whose idea it was to not move forward.

Protect Your Ability To Save For Retirement

You’ve worked hard to save for a comfortable and fulfilling retirement — preparing both financially and emotionally for that stage in life. But, what if a long-term illness or injury before retirement keeps you from working — for several months, a year or longer? Not being able to work could have a significant impact on: • Your retirement contributions• Your employer’s contributions. Fortunately, DI Retirement Security can help make sure you don’t have to “downsize” your retirement plans.  Now Disability Insurance to complete your Retirement Plan.  Call my office at 215-886-2122, lets talk about the completion of your retirement plan.

Know the coverage rules of your Medicare Advantage Plans

Know the coverage rules of your Medicare Advantage Plans

Our Client Partnership Agreement

The most common thing I hear from people in conversations that I have is that I never hear from my advisor.  When we meet with prospects becoming clients one of the first forms we review with them is our Client Partnership Agreement.  All parties sign and it spells out both what they should expect and what we also should expect.

Thanks to the Bucks Co Bar Assoc for the publishing of my article

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