Can my office help you “Achieve Your #Goals?”

Right now it might seem impossible to have the life of your dreams. But with a little planning a solid education, a new home, and the financial security to start a family are closer than you think.

Financial planning is more than knowing how to invest – it’s knowing the right goals for every stage of your life. By partnering with a financial expert, we can set the right goals to help you achieve your dreams – not just add to your 401k.

Check out this short video that shows how we can work together to meet your #Goals:


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If you listen to WMGK-FM 102.9 Philly’s Classic Rock Station, over the next few weeks you are liable to hear my name on a couple of commercials.  Look forward to hearing your comments about the subject matter.

Life Insurance Stress Test

You stress test your heart, you stress test your investment portfolio (especially in times like this), when was the last time you stress tested your life insurance policy. Just like your investment portfolio now is the perfect time to stress test your Life Insurance policy. Give my office a call to schedule a virtual appointment at 215-886-2122. #schwartzfinancial #lifeinsurance #estateplanning #financialplanning #personalfinance #financialgoals #beneficiary #wealthplanning

Life Insurance –

The industry is changing due mostly to what is happening all around the world. The actuaries (those people who sit in a room and figure out how many people out of 100 are dying today) had no way to figure what is happening now. If you have insurance I would suggest you hang onto it (it is a contract and cannot be changed), if you do not have Life Insurance, I would suggest you speak to someone (myself or another professional) quickly.


The change has started. I have noticed companies pulling products off the market for new applications. While I am not one who typically recommends those without someone who depends on them to have life insurance, that thought has now changed. It is my belief that both cost will be rising for new policies as well as the policies will be tougher to qualify for, meaning Preferred rating class will have more hoops to jump through for a better rate. If you have children you may want to rethink the process. If you have only insurance at work, your first call tomorrow morning would be to HR to see what happens to your insurance if you are no longer working at your present job?


Again, if not myself speak to someone. #schwartzfinancial #wealthmanagement #financialadvice #personalfinance #lifeinsurance

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A Surprising Number of Public Companies Do Not Have CEO Secession Plans

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