Protect Your Ability To Save For Retirement

You’ve worked hard to save for a comfortable and fulfilling retirement — preparing both financially and emotionally for that stage in life. But, what if a long-term illness or injury before retirement keeps you from working — for several months, a year or longer? Not being able to work could have a significant impact on: • Your retirement contributions• Your employer’s contributions. Fortunately, DI Retirement Security can help make sure you don’t have to “downsize” your retirement plans.  Now Disability Insurance to complete your Retirement Plan.  Call my office at 215-886-2122, lets talk about the completion of your retirement plan.

Not All The Money In Your Retirement Account Belongs to You

The money in your retirement account

Learn how to keep more of your retirement money in your pocket.  Call 215-886-2122 for the facts.

Are you a business owner needing to Turbo-Charge your retirement plan?

TurboCharge your 401k Plan


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2019 Important Numbers


401k A Barometer of Retirement Health

When I was younger, there were advertising campaigns that advised people to check their blood pressure because it’s always a great barometer of one’s health. When I was a bit older, the campaign with blood pressure was so successful, they eventually started a campaign for people to find out their cholesterol level. What a shame that people do not check their investments in their 401k or other pension plans. It is a barometer of one’s Retirement Health.

Why Small Business Owners Should Have A Qualified Retirement Plan

Why Small Business Owners Should Have A Qualified Retirement Plan

To Sell or Not To Sell, That Is The Question???

Once again this morning I heard someone on network TV give the indexer line, stay invested and wait it out.  Again this person had no real clients, was not really clear on what knowledge other than reporting on the index numbers a couple of times a week reading from a script at that.

Losing money from your mutual fund account, brokerage account or pension plan (401k, 403b, 457 plan or defined benefit plan) involves real money.  If being down 10%, 20% or 40% or more is a bother, you might want to rethink your plan to be in the market at this time.

Here are the real numbers on how much it takes to recover your funds, make your own decision.