Have an LTC policy and getting a rate increase?

Have a long term care policy and a rate increase, an excellent article from the NY Times:NY Times Article on LTC rate increases

What Issues Should You Consider If You Lose Your Job

A checklist of issues if you lose your job or otherwise find yourself between employment.


Will You Be Automatically Enrolled In Medicare?

My office has a process for this.  Give us a call at 215-886-2122

blured enrollment in Medicare

“The Probate Process”

probate process_Page_1probate process_Page_2

Nine Reasons Not To Get Life Insurance (Not Really)

Nine Reasons Not to Get Life Insurance

If I Sell This Investment Do I Have To Pay Tax

We have a process and a form for this question, if you have a question about capital gains tax, give my office a call at 215-886-2122.

blured tax on investment

Important Lesson To Learn

In the financial world, if a prospect or frankly a client doesn’t want to be helped, you have to learn to move on! It’s their decision, their money, and their retirement. It’s important that we don’t push products, solutions, or our own opinions to get them to move.  But always get a waiver signed to insure that years down the road, everyone remembers whose idea it was to not move forward.