If I Sell This Investment Do I Have To Pay Tax

We have a process and a form for this question, if you have a question about capital gains tax, give my office a call at 215-886-2122.

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Are You A Business Owner Looking To Qualify For Your 20% Tax Break


If so call our office at 215-886-2122 so that my office can get you started to paying yourself instead of the IRS.

Federal Employees Tax Returns

For federal employees that are now not getting paid, we will hold our bill until after the government opens up so that you can get some money in your pocket from a federal refund. You can book an appointment to get your taxes done by calling my office at 215-886-2122.

The world is full of tax preparers, has yours discussed “Tax Alpha” with you?

The world is full of tax preparers who will complete all the right forms using the information from your W-2’s, 1099’s, etc.  What you may not know is that, according to the General Accounting Office, approximately 8 out of 10 returns are filed with errors.  Why is that the case?  This is because the preparer that you hire generally does not really know your situation.  What has your tax preparer done to make sure you get all the tax breaks you deserve?  When was the last time they came to you and said “based on your plans in this area and your situation, here’s an idea I think will help you save money on your taxes”?

At Schwartz Financial, we believe proactive tax planning is the key to keeping more of what you make.  For over 30 years we have been a firm that specializes in helping clients to identify and explore opportunities to cut their tax bill.  Proactive tax planning encompasses: looking at your personal and family information along with your income and expenses using “Tax Alpha” to take advantage of every available deduction, credit and tax planning opportunity. We will help you do just that!

Paying taxes once is your obligation, paying taxes twice is your fault!  Call us, Schwartz Financial, at 215-886-2122 to set up a time to meet.

It’s Tax Time

Once again as I have every year that our military is in an armed conflict. My office will prepare the tax return for an active duty military that spent any part of 2018 in a war zone FREE. This year since I have the state tax return programs for all 50 states I will make this nationwide. As a veteran this is one way that I give back.

My office also participates in the Buck Co Veterans Discount Program so if you are part of that program please mention it and have your Veterans ID card.


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How The Super-Rich Do Their Taxes

How The Super Rich Do Their Taxes