Long Term Care Insurance Quiz

Ever wondered if you should have long-term care insurance?

Now, you can answer this question once and for all with the quick quiz below!


  1. Would paying $200/day or more for long-term care deplete your savings?
  2. Would you prefer to preserve your assets so that you might pass on an inheritance to loved ones?
  3. Would you like the option of receiving care in your own home instead of going to a facility?
  4. Would your family members have difficulty covering the added expense of your care if your savings was depleted?
  5. Do you have a family history of chronic illness or memory loss?

If you answered “YES” to even one of these questions, you should learn more about your long-term care coverage options. You never know what tomorrow may bring, but one thing is for certain – you’ll feel relieved knowing that you’ll live with dignity, without burdening your loved ones, no matter what happens.

Call me today and I’ll explain your options and help you find an affordable solution.

Warm Regards,

Michael L. Schwartz, RFC, CWS, CFS

215-886-2122, Mike@schwartzfinancial.com



P.S.      Isn’t it time to make a wise and caring choice to preserve your dignity and your assets? Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ll never be a burden to your loved ones? Call me today – you’ll be glad you did –215-886-2122.

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