How to Trap A Leprechaun

Looking for something fun to do with your grandchildren or younger relatives for St. Patrick’s Day? Try building a leprechaun trap!

We all know leprechauns are quick and clever. That’s why they can be quite difficult to catch. An effective trap is bound to require diverse materials like a shoe box, a milk jug, a paper towel tube, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, markers or glue. You may even need a bit of glitter—to catch the leprechaun’s eye, you know.

As your family members work on their traps, you may want to discuss what type of bait is best for catching leprechauns. I am not sure whether shoe leather (leprechauns were often cobblers by trade), rainbows (prisms make wonderful rainbows), gold coins, or four-leaf clovers are most effective, but your younger relatives are bound to have an opinion or two.

You’ll want to warn the young ones; if they do manage to catch a leprechaun, he’s likely to promise them riches. He may even offer a coin from one of the two pouches he carries at his belt. They shouldn’t accept these coins. The silver coin in the first pouch is magical and always returns to the pouch. The gold coin in the second pouch turns to ashes once it is given away. Oh, and the children should know that they can never, never take their eyes off the tiny fellow once they catch him. The instant they look away, he’ll disappear!

The leprechauns that we’ve failed to catch over the years have always been kind to us. They have often left behind shamrock cookies, gold chocolate coins, and tiny pots of gold. I hope your experience will be as wonderful.

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