Why We’re Different?

In all honesty we do things a bit differently. There are many in my business who just give you a call when they want to sell you something.  This is an outdated and unethical financial advising model.  When the market turns upside down, they hide under their desks. We on the other hand touch our clients over 50 times a year.  Either with our “weekly market commentary” every Monday by email or our monthly reports (4 quarterly economic updates, 2 tax letters and a host of other timely subjects) sent the old fashion way, through the US Mail or our 4 – 6 Client Education events (usually dinners but an occasional brunch) and our two open client celebrations during the year.  This is the only profession in the world where you can use any title you want on your business card. Hence, you have many men and women classifying themselves as “financial advisors” or “financial planners” they are nothing more than glorified salespeople trying hard to fit clients into their assigned product of the month .

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