ICE USB Key Press Release



Debra Rody






September 25, 2014, Jenkintown, PA – SCHWARTZ FINANCIAL SERVICES is pleased to announce the ICE Key (In Case of Emergency) as part of their client services.  The ICE Key is a key-shaped USB that easily attaches to your key chain.  The ICE Key is meant to help prevent the third leading cause of death in Emergency Rooms, which is mixing medications or giving a patient a medication they’re allergic to.  If a patient is unable to communicate with first responders they simply take the USB key attached to their key ring, place in a USB drive in any computer and have access to the patient’s complete medical history including their Advanced Care Directive or Living Will.  Michael Schwartz, founder of Schwartz Financial Services says “the ICE Key is “the key to who you are” allowing First Responders to give you quality care based on your medical history.  Whether a scheduled health care appointment or emergency situation, the ICE Key is something every adult and child should have; which is why I’m offering it as a complimentary product for my clients as well as personally inputting the information on the fillable pdf file on the key.” 

For more than 30 years, Schwartz Financial Services has been successfully growing, managing and preserving, the wealth of his clients. Michael’s approach to the ICE Key, compliments his old-fashioned style of caring for his clients in this fast-paced, every changing economy and world of technology.

Michael L. Schwartz, RFC®, CWS®, CFS, a registered principal offering securities and advisory services through Independent Financial Group, LLC., A Registered Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor,  Member FINRA-SIPC  Schwartz Financial and Independent Financial Group are unaffiliated entities


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